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Recording Honor Project Documentary Official Soundtrack

We recently partnered with Hibard Group Los Angeles to record all of the original music to be used in the soon-to-be-released Honor Project Documentary, a film about Dads, from baby boomers to millennials. Over the summer, we received submissions from songwriters throughout the country. We asked them to consider themes common to family and fatherhood. After…

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05 Alex Ellsworth: composer, producer, artist

05 Alex Ellsworth: composer, producer, artist
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Alex moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music. But it was because of a film scoring class taught by Adam Schoenberg where Alex developed a love for story-telling and decided to take the leap into scoring. Alex received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Occidental College in 2017 and has since scored for over 25 short films and web series. Alex is currently a studio runner for Crosby Collective Studios LA, where he helps out Bains (Jay Sean, The Wanted) and Chris Montgomery (Vance Joyce, Rachel Platten). He also assists film composers, Darius Holbert and Megan Cavallari.

Producing Idle Tuesdays’ First Video of 2017 Program Artist Caleb Henry

1. PRE PRODUCTION My childhood prepared me for this moment in time. Editing random footage that I had collected was something I was familiar with. However, taking a planned idea and seeing it all the way to completion was a new thing for me. This week I had full range. The only instruction I was…

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All the Answers: The Life of a Producer

As a pubescent teen in high school who had just fallen in love with music, I realized exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up: a producer! In my underdeveloped mind, I thought that meant getting to record and mix entire albums and get a phat paycheck at the end of the week.…

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What?!: Producing an EP

What has it been like to produce an EP? What?! If I could answer this question with one word and facial expression it would be “What?!” with a smile on my face. First off, the fact that I can say that I am a part of producing an EP (Extended Play Record Album) causes me…

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