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Adam Z. Nelson: Singer, Songwriter, and Musician

Who is Adam Nelson? Adam Nelson is an up and coming singer-songwriter from Washington. He has recently made the shift from shy chemistry major to professional recording artist. Shifting from the classroom to studios, sitting in interviews, and working on upcoming blockbuster projects–Nelson’s career is on the fast track. With his upcoming work for The…

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All the Answers: The Life of a Producer

As a pubescent teen in high school who had just fallen in love with music, I realized exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up: a producer! In my underdeveloped mind, I thought that meant getting to record and mix entire albums and get a phat paycheck at the end of the week.…

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Now Producing Audiobooks!

After five years of producing music, we’re now producing audiobooks too! Audiobooks are the fastest growing segment of the book publishing industry. As of 2015, the audiobook industry was worth $2.8 billion – this was because a whopping 43,000 audiobooks were released! Only 20,000 audiobooks were released in 2013. According to a recent report by…

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