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Adam Z. Nelson: Singer, Songwriter, and Musician

Who is Adam Nelson? Adam Nelson is an up and coming singer-songwriter from Washington. He has recently made the shift from shy chemistry major to professional recording artist. Shifting from the classroom to studios, sitting in interviews, and working on upcoming blockbuster projects–Nelson’s career is on the fast track. With his upcoming work for The…

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Gotta Work It Out! Music Industry Insiders podcast

Before working at Idle Tuesdays, I had basically no previous experience recording anything professionally. For the past few weeks, Idle Tuesdays has been recording a podcast called Music Industry Insiders. In this podcast, we interview people that are actively participating in the music industry to hear their stories. I use Logic Pro on a regular…

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Start of Something New: LIVE Streaming

This week, I participated in my first Idle Tuesdays livestream! I had the pleasure of standing beside fellow intern Connor Hadden as my very talented friend Natalie Chan taught the both of us some vocal warmup exercises! Having taken vocal lessons in the past, I knew how important it is to properly and carefully warm…

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Up To My Ears In Gears: Our Gear!

Gear day!! This past month at idle Tuesdays the interns have been working hard to kickstart our new Facebook live video series! On Wednesday, we unpacked all the gear bins and did a run through of all the equipment we’ll be using, and what they are used for. The equipment well he using this spring…

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Music, Media, and Toilet Paper

The Idle Tuesdays Interns are in the HOUSEEEE! You heard it right! The Idle Tuesdays interns are in the house (or should I say studio?), and we’ve been off to a speedy start! Last Wednesday, the Idle Tuesdays interns started our first day in the studio and the next couple of months look nothing but promising.…

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