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Gotta Work It Out! Music Industry Insiders podcast

Before working at Idle Tuesdays, I had basically no previous experience recording anything professionally. For the past few weeks, Idle Tuesdays has been recording a podcast called Music Industry Insiders. In this podcast, we interview people that are actively participating in the music industry to hear their stories. I use Logic Pro on a regular…

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Music Industry Insiders Podcast – Christian Sanchez

When discussing with Emily about who we should bring in to share their wisdom this week, we talked about how much of the music industry is built on the hard work and dreams of people who never step in front of a microphone or onto a stage: engineers, producers, gear designers and technicians, etc. No…

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Who’s Ready to Sing?

Not only did I participate in my first Idle Tuesdays’ livestream tutorial video this past week, but I also led it! A few weeks ago, I was scheduled to lead this live video tutorial on vocal warm ups. Since voice is my primary instrument, and I have given private vocal lessons before, I know that…

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Start of Something New: LIVE Streaming

This week, I participated in my first Idle Tuesdays livestream! I had the pleasure of standing beside fellow intern Connor Hadden as my very talented friend Natalie Chan taught the both of us some vocal warmup exercises! Having taken vocal lessons in the past, I knew how important it is to properly and carefully warm…

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My last minute decision

My first day at Idle Tuesdays Recording Studio was an unexpected finding for me. Initially, I had been waiting for an internship from another company but, unfortunately, there were no slots left. After waiting about a week, Tuesday night before I started work, I received an email and was introduced to Emily Hibard and her…

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