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11 Ryland Talamo: Music Producer, Honor Project Documentary Official Soundtrack

11 Ryland Talamo: Music Producer, Honor Project Documentary Official Soundtrack
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Ryland Talamo is a music producer, composer, recording engineer, post-production engineer, live sound engineer, vocalist, keyboardist, drummer, and more.

Recording Honor Project Documentary Official Soundtrack

We recently partnered with Hibard Group Los Angeles to record all of the original music to be used in the soon-to-be-released Honor Project Documentary,¬†a film about Dads, from baby boomers to millennials. Over the summer, we received submissions from songwriters throughout the country. We asked them to consider themes common to family and fatherhood. After…

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Up To My Ears In Gears: Our Gear!

Gear day!! This past month at idle Tuesdays the interns have been working hard to kickstart our new Facebook live video series! On Wednesday, we unpacked all the gear bins and did a run through of all the equipment we’ll be using, and what they are used for. The equipment well he using this spring…

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Kolten James: Like Beyonce, He’s Always on Beat

Unforeseen¬†Addition Kolten first came to the studio when Caleb Henry came to audition for our 2017 Artist Program. Prior to the audition, I have known both of them from Azusa Pacific University. We all performed in a cover band together, formerly called commercial styles. Kolten is also the drummer in DKA, a band both him…

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Emily Hibard joins The Recording Academy – Los Angeles Chapter

In 2012, Emily Hibard founded Idle Tuesdays Recording Studio with one mission in mind: influence culture through positive music. Neither an artist nor an engineer, Emily’s role was to executive produce the albums Idle Tuesdays would one day create. Flagship recording artist Amy Krebs, best known for her American Idol Season 6 performances, recorded three…

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