Interview with 2016 Program Artist Mykell Wilson

Earlier this  year, we began accepting online applications for our “2016 Program Artist.” A “Program Artist” is the one artist our 20+ volunteer team puts all of our resources behind to record 3 of their original songs. When the application period ended, we reviewed everything and selected 10 artists who we believed had the potential to be our next Program Artist.

We invited those 10 artists into the studio to audition live for our producers, engineers, board members, volunteers and friends of the studio. Each auditioned with heart and everything they had to offer. But at the end of the day, there was just something about Mykell Wilson none of us could quite capture or put into words. After a number of meetings and conversations, our team selected Mykell Wilson.

We furnish each Program Artist with our team of music producers, 30 hours of sponsored studio time, vocal producers, engineers, music business experts, photographers, videographers, graphic designers and more! Idle Tuesdays Recording Studio was founded by Emily Hibard in 2012 and has been creating ripples in the LA music scene since. You see, there is no other nonprofit recording studio like it.

Idle Tuesdays didn’t just set out to make great music, it set out to change the world.

As our newest Program Artist, we are all just beginning to scratch the surface of who Mykell Wilson truly is. We recently interviewed him. Check out what he had to say. Let’s learn more about Mykell Wilson, the recording artist, together.

Idle Tuesdays: What’s your occupation?

Mykell Wilson: I am an artist: I sing, act, dance, choreograph and write.

Idle Tuesdays: What’s your musical background look like?

Mykell Wilson: I was first exposed to music in my high school marching band. I was in a great program. I played trumpet. I learned how to read sheet music and play on a field as well as in an orchestra/symphonic band.

Idle Tuesdays: How would you describe your music?

Mykell Wilson: I would describe my music as inspirational and honest. Inspiration isn’t just the bright side of a story but the raw truth that can express to someone that they aren’t alone in what they are feeling/experiencing. If India Arie was light skin married to Mali Music and could dance while wearing a cool outfit to a conservative church and still be relatable…it would be me and my sound. Music that moves your mind and gives hope and surfaces what you feel.

Idle Tuesdays: If your music could do ONE thing, what would it be?

Mykell Wilson: I want my music to achieve me. I realize the best me is what God intended when he saw a need on earth and felt I was worth being handmade as an answer.  My music achieving me means that it will cause me to grow and from the growth on the inside I will be so full I can overflow and change the world on the outside. Success is inward to outward. I’m not validated by my gift, my gift is validated by my creation – God given.

Idle Tuesdays: Where are some places you’ve performed?

Mykell Wilson: Nokia, Staples, Superdome and the list goes on. I’ve performed at all major arenas and some stadiums in the States as well as other countries.

Idle Tuesdays: Which recording artists have influenced the most?

Mykell Wilson: I’ve been extremely influenced by John Mayer, Rich King, India Arie, Mali Music and Lauryn Hill (unplugged).

Idle Tuesdays: Are you passionate about any particular social issues?

Mykell Wilson: I’m passionate about purpose, abortion, homelessness, youth and drug addicts.

Idle Tuesdays: What inspires you?

Mykell Wilson: The fact that I’m alive inspires me. In 2010 I nearly died from an intestinal twisting. Coma, multiple surgeries, blood transfusions, lost all my weight, heart failure and over 60 days in the hospital. I did learn that it was easy to die and found, in my faith, it’s just as easy to live. I do believe in heaven, so fro me, to have died would have been easier, but God kept me alive and on earth. That ensures life has purpose. If God kept me here, then clearly I had work to do, people to love and more to discover about relationship with God and people. That inspires me to be who I was created to be so that when I do die, I can say I lived and used everything God gave me.


Next month, Mykell will be with us in the studio. Between now and then, follow him on Instagram and Twitter. See what we saw. Join us on our adventure.

See what can happen when a nonprofit recording studio sets out not only to make great music, but to change the world.


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