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Now Producing Audiobooks!

After five years of producing music, we’re now producing audiobooks too! Audiobooks are the fastest growing segment of the book publishing industry. As of 2015, the audiobook industry was worth $2.8 billion – this was because a whopping 43,000 audiobooks were released! Only 20,000 audiobooks were released in 2013. According to a recent report by…

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“Sometimes I Sing” by Mykell Wilson NOW AVAILABLE

Earlier this year, we signed Mykell Wilson, aka “Mighty Mykell” to our unique nonprofit music program. He auditioned in front of our board of directors, and team of producers, engineers, music business experts, YouTubers, and design team. Mykell did what Mykell does. Entertain and inspire. That day, we knew he was our 2016 Program Artist.…

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Music Makes Me Happy networking experience

We had the opportunity to partner with Music Makes Me Happy‘s networking experience in the heart of Los Angeles last week. Singers Selina Carrera (The Voice, BGV for Lauryn Hill, Juvenile Justice Advocate) and Paolo Ramirez (X Factor, Q’Viva! The Chosen) opened the evening before the panel discussion, hosted by Joshua Dingle of Music Makes Me Happy.…

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10 things every musician website should have

Article by Chris Robley Courtesy of Here is a checklist of things every musician website needs to have   1. An updated About page with multiple versions of your bio You should have a tweet sized description of your music and band, a slightly longer version (about a paragraph), and then the full-blown biography with…

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Music Didn’t Die…It Just Moved

Written by Matt Barnes Obviously, the last decade has seen a HUGE shift in how we procure and listen to music. Gone are the days of rummaging through the CD racks for the latest release. Shoot… I remember buying my first album on cassette! It was Milli Vanilli. I don’t want to talk about it.…

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