“Sometimes I Sing” by Mykell Wilson NOW AVAILABLE

Earlier this year, we signed Mykell Wilson, aka “Mighty Mykell” to our unique nonprofit music program.

He auditioned in front of our board of directors, and team of producers, engineers, music business experts, YouTubers, and design team. Mykell did what Mykell does. Entertain and inspire.

That day, we knew he was our 2016 Program Artist. Like the greats before him, his presence and voice commanded attention. Something was different about Mykell. Something is different about Mykell. Maybe it’s his voice. Maybe it’s his confidence. Maybe it’s his heart. Maybe it’s everything.

While recording “Sometimes I Sing,” he poured everything he had into every recording session. Into every moment he stood behind the microphone. He arrived full of energy, excited and ready to go. Like a race horse anxious for the door to swing open.

The 6-track EP is pounding with the heart of a lion. “Sometimes I Sing” is a fusion of pop, R&B and gospel influences, and Mykell performs each song almost knowing it would inspire generations¬†to rise and fly. Mykell opens with “I Am Mighty,” a declarative anthem, continues with “I’m Gonna Make It,” a reflective expression of past experiences. “From Here” is his conclusion to the previous track, and “Fly Away” is Mykell’s decision to not only move forward but to fly. “Constant” and “Made For You” create the explosive pinnacle, and ultimate purpose, of “Sometimes I Sing.”

“Sometimes I Sing” is Mykell Wilson. Mykell Wilson¬†is Mighty. This EP is the summary of who he is, who he’s becoming, and who he will be. It’s been a pleasure working with this young man, and we’re excited the day has come to finally release “Sometimes I Sing.”

You’ll be seeing, and hearing, a lot more of Mighty Mykell in the future.

Posted on November 10, 2016 in Music Blog, Music Business, Nonprofit Resources, Recording Studio, Volunteering

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