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Kolten James: Like Beyonce, He’s Always on Beat

Unforeseen Addition Kolten first came to the studio when Caleb Henry came to audition for our 2017 Artist Program. Prior to the audition, I have known both of them from Azusa Pacific University. We all performed in a cover band together, formerly called commercial styles. Kolten is also the drummer in DKA, a band both him…

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I See Fire, Dropping the Hottest EP

Week six down, I think we’ve hit the calm before the storm. From here on out it’s going to be long days in the studio with marketing campaigns and producing. I like to look at it as an adventure, the intern team as a fellowship, and Emily as the all knowing and powerful wizard. Every team…

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What?!: Producing an EP

What has it been like to produce an EP? What?! If I could answer this question with one word and facial expression it would be “What?!” with a smile on my face. First off, the fact that I can say that I am a part of producing an EP (Extended Play Record Album) causes me…

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Be our Guest!

Get your worries off your chest! Whether you’re a natural performer, or you struggle to even speak in front of a class of ten friends, nerves can affect anyone. Now, this isn’t going to be a How to Blog on calming nerves through advanced preparation or doing the Wonder Woman pose. It’s about maintaining a…

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Momentum Matters: How to Make an Executive Decision

There’s this idealized image of a music executive that I have in mind. Picture it with me: This executive comes into work at the studio and sits down at his desk. He listens to a demo of an incredible artist and realizes “that’s the one!” He convinces the other executives that this artist has what…

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