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Q & A with Ryann Lecklider

Our nonprofit music program with Ryann Lecklider just concluded, three months after we released The Detours EP at Hemingway’s Lounge.  Executive Producer Emily Hibard sat down with Ryann and asked her about her songwriting and music. Here’s what she had to say. When you write a song, how much focus do you put on your…

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Launching a Dream: Ryann Lecklider

Life experiences can often kick start creativity. Ask any artist you know – writer, designer, photographer, musician, painter- and they will attest that some of their best work emerges as they grapple with life. Singer-songwriter Ryann Lecklider will give a hearty “Amen!” to that. “A lot of my songs are about dreams and accomplishing the…

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Embracing a New Decade, Opportunity

Life begins at 30, or so they say. Maybe by then youthful vigor is balanced with maturity. Or perhaps the angst of young adulthood has diminished and life is settling into a steady rhythm.  In many ways, the third decade can be a new lease on life. Ask Ryann Lecklider, and she most certainly will…

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