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Henry Alonzo is Living the American Dream

Alonzo is a first-generation American or, in colloquial terms, a “first-gen.” Alonzo’s parents immigrated to East Los Angeles in the late 1970s from Guatemala.

07 Andrea Lucca and Zack Goldstein of DVVY, music’s newest app

07 Andrea Lucca and Zack Goldstein of DVVY, music’s newest app
Music Industry Insiders

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Andrew Lucca and Zack Goldstein, founders of dvvy (pronounced “divvy”) joined us in the studio today to talk about their app. “dvvy listens to your music and gets you connected to professionals in the industry – all right at your fingertips.” 

Producing Podcasts and Publicity

I am ecstatic to announce that our podcast, Music Industry Insiders, is officially off the ground! Yes, I realize that it must seem obvious that the podcast is off the ground since I’ve posted about some interviews already. But, people, producing a podcast is no joke! There were never any guarantees just because we got…

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Music Industry Insiders Podcast – Christian Sanchez

When discussing with Emily about who we should bring in to share their wisdom this week, we talked about how much of the music industry is built on the hard work and dreams of people who never step in front of a microphone or onto a stage: engineers, producers, gear designers and technicians, etc. No…

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What?!: Producing an EP

What has it been like to produce an EP? What?! If I could answer this question with one word and facial expression it would be “What?!” with a smile on my face. First off, the fact that I can say that I am a part of producing an EP (Extended Play Record Album) causes me…

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