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Just Hit Record: Life Behind the Board

Going to school to learn how to record sounds (ha, pun) counter-intuitive. Music is such a “feely” subject. Most people can’t even fathom why learning theory and technical information is even worthwhile. After all, why talk about recording when you can just go out and do it, right? For me, I wouldn’t have had the…

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The Fine Print: Contracts and Checklists

Always. Read. The fine print. But who does, right? How many terms and conditions have you clicked “I Agree” to something without really reading it? I’d reckon the number is “infinite.” The phrase “read the fine print” typically has a negative connotation to it. The assumption is that some corporate behemoth hides soul-selling clauses in…

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Idle Individuals, Innovative Interns

This week at Idle Tuesdays, we interns gathered and discussed potential clients for our 2017 Program Artist. Coming out of a strong musical circle at Azusa Pacific University, I felt pretty confident that I’d be able to find some talent that would be willing to have a FREE EP recorded by yours truly. Who wouldn’t…

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