The Fine Print: Contracts and Checklists



The fine print.

But who does, right? How many terms and conditions have you clicked “I Agree” to something without really reading it? I’d reckon the number is “infinite.”

The phrase “read the fine print” typically has a negative connotation to it. The assumption is that some corporate behemoth hides soul-selling clauses in the smallest font possible so that naive patrons sign themselves into a painful contract. I’m not saying that this isn’t sometimes true, but being on the other side of a contract for the first time, I now realize that there’s so much more to the art of contracting than that.

As a studio, the amount of legal hurdles that can trip up a relationship with an artist is daunting. I thought that the recording and publishing contract we were working with was pretty extensive, but in reality, it was necessary to cover all of our bases.

This is so both studio and artist know exactly what terms will be dealt with in the entire process. That way there’s no confusion later! Though the contract can be the most tedious part of the music process, working with our artist and explaining how copyright, collection of revenue, and how his name and likeness would be used was actually smooth and painless.

Speaking of which, now that the contract is officially signed, we are super ecstatic to work with the wonderfully talented and passionate Caleb Henry as our 2017 Program Artist!

His authentic voice and blistering guitar work is going to make for an exciting EP! With the fine print out of the way, producing amazing music is one step closer.

Let the fun begin.

Posted on June 6, 2017 in Music Blog

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