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A New Way to do Music

I’m not a musician. I’ve always been passionate about music and I have some rudimentary musical skills that I’ve really only developed in the last few years, but I wouldn’t call myself a musician. However, I’ve always been surrounded by music and musicians.  (When I was really little, my dad would play Barry Manilow records…

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Embracing a New Decade, Opportunity

Life begins at 30, or so they say. Maybe by then youthful vigor is balanced with maturity. Or perhaps the angst of young adulthood has diminished and life is settling into a steady rhythm.  In many ways, the third decade can be a new lease on life. Ask Ryann Lecklider, and she most certainly will…

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Make a Living in the Music Business: Myths and Methods

There’s no secret formula for how to make a living in the music business, and some of the advice in this post flies in the face of conventional wisdom Written by Greg Savage for How do you make a living in the music business? It’s such a popular question… one that’s on the tip…

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Brenda Epperson Joins Idle Tuesdays Board of Directors

Welcome to the Board of Directors Brenda Epperson! Since we opened our studio doors last April, we have been on an adventure! Those of you who have started your own business, or helped create something from nothing, will understand. The effort it takes to get something off of the ground, and out of the idea…

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Idle Tuesdays Selects First Program Artist: Amy Krebs

If you have the pleasure to be around Amy Krebs, you might just hear her break out her faux English accent or bust out in song. This tall glass of water is the first Artist that Idle Tuesdays Recording Studio has launched in their effort to “elevate global culture, through music.” She joins the Idle…

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