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Producing Idle Tuesdays’ First Video of 2017 Program Artist Caleb Henry

1. PRE PRODUCTION My childhood prepared me for this moment in time. Editing random footage that I had collected was something I was familiar with. However, taking a planned idea and seeing it all the way to completion was a new thing for me. This week I had full range. The only instruction I was…

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Mason Haynie, Graduate of Azusa Pacific University, is a Music Master

Mason is a Music Master, he has been full of surprises. Every time we all meet up I find out something new about him. First, I find out he’s as sound engineer. Second, I find out he plays the violin. Third, I find out he sings. What?! What will I find out next? Ohhhh, he…

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Adaptable Alyssa Lujan: Editor Extraordinaire

If there was one word that could describe Alyssa Lujan’s performance at Idle Tuesdays Recording Studio, it’d be this: adaptable. Admittedly, Alyssa was the only non-music major intern at first. She’s been a bit of an underdog from the very start. Then again, perhaps it’s her Business Administration background that prepared her to be able…

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Work Hard, Play Hard

And So It Begins¬† Monday was our first day of recording and it was quite the journey. Arrive at 11:30AM and leave at 7:30PM, sounds like a fun day right? It was probably one of the best recording experiences I’ve ever had. Caleb Henry, our 2017 Program Artist, is such an amazing artist to work…

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Where are the Coffee Runs?

The Intern Stereotype¬† When first looking for an internship, I had the typical fear of what comes with that. The coffee runs and the pointless sitting and waiting. I was not looking forward to it. Coming to Idle Tuesdays Recording Studio I was hopeful. I was hopeful that I’d learn the ropes of the recording…

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