Matthew Barnes, Welcome to the Board of Directors!

On Wednesday, September 24, 2014, Matthew Barnes was unanimously voted onto our Board of Directors!

Matt Barnes, CEO of Rogue Idea Development, joins the team with more experience than some folks twice his age. With a Master’s degree in English from Pepperdine University in one holster, and another Master’s in Organizational Leadership from Azusa Pacific University, nobody really knows what bright idea Matt will come up with next…but we know it’ll be good.

Early in his career, he taught American Literature, The Leadership Experience, Studies in the Theatre, The Writing Experience and Introduction to Acting. After his jaunt in the classroom, he coordinated large scale Orange County events. He went on to become an organizational leadership consultant and evaluated organizational structure and team dynamics and provided feedback and action steps for goal accomplishment and organizational efficiency. Matt also assisted in development of new vision and created and launched strategic plans for pursuing new vision – something we’re very excited about tapping into now that he has joined our Board of Directors.

He returned to the classroom as an Adjunct Professor at BIOLA University while also acting as the Director of Creative Development and Production at David C. Cook, a Colorado-based publishing house. Matt, a man of many talents, is an editor, product developer, and training resource developer…just to name a few.

As the Teaching Director at Rock Harbor Church in Costa Mesa, California, Matt worked closely with families and was the director of creative programming. And as you can see by now, creativity is the thread running through all of his endeavors, which explains his newest venture: Rogue Idea Development, “finding innovative solutions to real world problems.”

We’re excited to have Matt Barnes join the always-ambitious and creative Board of Directors, which currently consists of businessman Charles Chessher, Latin singer/songwriter Joshua Chavez, vocal coach Dennis Lamar, actress and singer Brenda Epperson, and founder Emily Hibard.

Idle Tuesdays Recording Studio is a nonprofit organization serving up-and-coming Los Angeles-based artists, helping them pursue their professional music career by providing a number of free services. With the help of Matt Barnes, the Board of Directors, and all of our volunteers, we’re looking forward to our best year yet!

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