Work Hard, Play Hard

And So It BeginsĀ 

Monday was our first day of recording and it was quite the journey. Arrive at 11:30AM and leave at 7:30PM, sounds like a fun day right? It was probably one of the best recording experiences I’ve ever had.

Caleb Henry, our 2017 Program Artist, is such an amazing artist to work with. He’s down to earth, respects everyones insights, and knows how the recording process works (and I’m not being biased because he’s my roommate).

All Hands On DeckĀ 

Emily Hibard (our supervisor) had the interns run everything, which at first seemed like a plethora of tasks to do on our own. But once I saw that the other interns knew what they were doing and how well we all got along, it was smooth sailing from then on.

Mason Haynie, the sound engineer and recent graduate from Azusa Pacific University, was fantastic at working the console (a 48-channel Allen & Heath ML5000) and making sure everything sounded good.

I also got to sit beside him and ask about the recording and engineering process (it’s a skill I would like to learn). Alyssa Lujan and Andrew Washington were very helpful with mic placement and knowing what went where. Their insight also helped us move along the recording process and find the perfect sound for our 2017 Program Artist Caleb Henry.

It was nice to know that Emily trusted us. She really does want us to learn, and the only way to have us learn is to guide the project ourselves.

Why the Title?

Some of you may be asking, what’s with the title Kolten? Well not only am I working on this project, I’m also playing on it. I’m Caleb Henry’s drummer, and I got to record drums for his first song we recorded on Monday.

Being part of the recording staff and also being a studio musician is different, but it’s an amazing experience. Learning how the recording process works helps me better understand the music as a drummer. It helps me understand what is actually happening to my drums and how that will sound in the overall mix.

Overall, I’m very excited for the next coming weeks of recording. There will be more drumming, more recording, and more memories to reflect on in the future.

Posted on June 28, 2017 in Music Blog

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