We’re All In This Together

I was very nervous for my first day of being an intern.

Currently, I am a senior studying music at Azusa Pacific University, and as my time to graduate is coming up fast, I quickly learned that I was going to need some experience if I was going to figure out what career I wanted to go into. I knew I loved music and wanted to pursue my passion, so I applied to be an intern for this small nonprofit studio I’d heard of from a friend. I was pretty nervous because this was going to be my first internship endeavor. Thankfully, Emily was so sweet and made the application process a breeze, and I was set to go with an internship at Idle Tuesdays!

I’ll admit that I was still nervous that I’d do something wrong, and that I’d be known as “that one intern that messed up on the very first day.”

Walking up to the building was pretty daunting, as I had no idea just what I was getting myself into. I was expecting that I’d run small errands and do menial tasks around the workspace, but upon arrival, Emily was quick to assure me that this was most definitely NOT the case. As more of the interns started arriving, we would soon learn that we had many jobs to be responsible for, and that this was very much a hands-on internship. In a few hours, I already had quite a list of tasks I needed to complete.

I was a little overwhelmed, but Emily and the rest of the interns were so fun and inviting that it was easy to relax, and I felt my nerves calming very quickly.

As interns, we are going to be taught important skills we need and that will help us succeed in our careers. Each one of us is so different, and we all come from different backgrounds, but we all come together to create amazing ideas. Just from my first day, I could tell that I was surrounded by incredibly talented individuals and that we are all going to put 110% into these upcoming months. I can confidently say that this internship will help me figure out what part of the music industry I will best fit into, and I am so excited to see the amazing work that will come out of our little group of interns.

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