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My Live Streaming Day View

MY LIVE STREAMING DAY VIEW! Its official! I’ve finally had my first live streaming day view! For the past couple of weeks the other interns and I have been working tirelessly behind the camera to film, direct, and live-stream our Facebook tutorial videos. It’s been a steep learning curve and has definitely challenged me to…

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Start of Something New: LIVE Streaming

This week, I participated in my first Idle Tuesdays livestream! I had the pleasure of standing beside fellow intern Connor Hadden as my very talented friend Natalie Chan taught the both of us some vocal warmup exercises! Having taken vocal lessons in the past, I knew how important it is to properly and carefully warm…

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Now Or Never!

Week 2 has flown by! This week, we figured out the ins and outs of putting together a live stream! I had never done a live stream before, but we quickly learned what it takes to make it look good!  In order to have a successful live stream, Idle Tuesdays uses: Panasonic HVX-200 broadcast cameras…

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The Main Ingredients in Live Streaming!

In order to bake the perfect cake, you need to have all of the main ingredients! Without flour, yeast, eggs, butter, milk, sugar, salt, baking powder, and baking soda, you can’t really bake a cake (at least not one that people would enjoy)! Similarly, if you don’t have the proper equipment and tech, you can’t professionally live…

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Live Streaming…Idle Tuesdays Style

How to stream a live recording. Broadcasting live can be rather complex. I liked doing my part in making Idle Tuesdays’ first Intern demo live stream. There were lots of different roles each Intern got to involve themselves.  Lets take a look at the basics for doing a live stream. First: make sure you have…

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