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Who’s Ready to Sing?

Not only did I participate in my first Idle Tuesdays’ livestream tutorial video this past week, but I also led it! A few weeks ago, I was scheduled to lead this live video tutorial on vocal warm ups. Since voice is my primary instrument, and I have given private vocal lessons before, I know that…

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Ready to Thrive and Jive this Spring!

Emily said YES. I had never heard of Idle Tuesdays Recording Studio until my friend, Andrew Washington, started posting about his summer internship there. His social media posts kept me updated on his production experiences, and I soon heard many positive remarks about interning at Idle Tuesdays; this led me to apply for an internship…

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My last minute decision

My first day at Idle Tuesdays Recording Studio was an unexpected finding for me. Initially, I had been waiting for an internship from another company but, unfortunately, there were no slots left. After waiting about a week, Tuesday night before I started work, I received an email and was introduced to Emily Hibard and her…

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Social Media Is A Blessing And A Curse

One of the main things I have been responsible for at Idle Tuesdays is promoting the studio. Emily Hibard, the founder and Executive Producer, said there is no budget for promotion and that everything we do, must be done within this summer internship “budget.” So one of the only resources we have in accomplishing this…

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Jumping and Falling in the Studio

Jumping and Falling in the Studio I am in complete awe with the opportunity that I have been given by Idle Tuesdays to be an intern. Going into the studio I thought to myself, “Okay, it will be awesome to just be in the studio and do whatever they need me to do. I am…

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