Ready to Thrive and Jive this Spring!

Emily said YES.

I had never heard of Idle Tuesdays Recording Studio until my friend, Andrew Washington, started posting about his summer internship there. His social media posts kept me updated on his production experiences, and I soon heard many positive remarks about interning at Idle Tuesdays; this led me to apply for an internship this spring.

As a Commercial Music Vocal Performance major at Azusa Pacific University, who is ready to graduate this May, I wanted to find an internship that not only met my graduation requirements, but also provided an enjoyable and educational experience. When Emily told me that I got the internship, I was both ecstatic and nervous that I get to work at a professional recording studio. It was a comfort to know that my friend Julia and I would be interning together.

It took me an hour to pick out an outfit and the best I came up with was jeans and a black long sleeves top.

On our way to the studio, Julia and I reviewed the list of “Do’s and Don’ts” as music interns that our professor emailed us as a reference. I was afraid I would mess up on my first day and that I would make a terrible first impression. However, as I entered the studio, Emily’s enthusiasm and bright smile made me feel welcomed.

The atmosphere at Idle Tuesdays was incredibly warm and cozy, and definitely what a recording studio should look and feel like.

As the other interns started piling in, I knew that I would not mind spending the next few months with each of them. Everyone was so kind, down to earth, and easy to get along with. Emily Hibard was very clear with her vision of the projects she would like us to work on and complete this semester, and she was confident that she would teach us everything she knows. She assured us that this internship would not be the least bit boring.

As Rapunzel said in Tangled, “Venture outside your comfort zone. The rewards are worth it.”

What truly inspired me is Emily’s story of how Idle Tuesdays came to be. Emily shared that prior to creating the studio, she did not have any knowledge of music or the industry. However, she had a passion to help promising and emerging artists in Los Angeles, so she strived to learn as much as she could to make her vision a reality and, as a result, a nonprofit recording studio we now know as “Idle Tuesdays” was created.

While I have some previous experience singing in recording studios, there are several areas I lack knowledge and skill in.

Sometimes I find it hard to do things that I am uncomfortable with because I get insecure about failing and how people will perceive me, so, I limit myself and miss out on great opportunities.

I realize that throughout this semester, there will be many occasions to learn from my fellow peers and professionals along the way. I know that in order to really grow and receive the best experience from this internship, I need to be driven, hardworking, curious, creative, positive, approachable, and teachable (the list goes on).

This internship might not be easy, but it will definitely be rewarding! I am ready to take this internship to the top and I cannot wait to thrive with the team!

P.S. There is a boba place only a mile away from the studio. That is DANGEROUS.


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