02 Christian Sanchez: Founder, Urban Vinyl

Christian Sanchez, along with friend and business partner Seth Fontaine, co-founded Urban Vinyl. The Azusa Pacific University Alumni took what was just a vinyl cleaning company and completely transformed it in order to provide an authentic music experience by creating a revolutionary kind of studio headphone.

In 2016, Christian entered Urban Vinyl into a venture capitalist competition called “Zuventurez,” a 10-week program for startups to put their business plans to the test. Winning first place at Zuventurez, Urban Vinyl received $15,000 in start-up capital.

Last year, Urban Vinyl was included in the TOP 15 BEST Headphone of 2017.
Urban Vinyl’s signature studio headphone, the “Classics” are handcrafted from real wood. Each handled with exceptional care and craftsmanship. The Classics are designed so listeners can get lost in their world of music.