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When discussing with Emily about who we should bring in to share their wisdom this week, we talked about how much of the music industry is built on the hard work and dreams of people who never step in front of a microphone or onto a stage: engineers, producers, gear designers and technicians, etc. No sooner had this idea passed between us than Emily immediately knew who we should bring in.

We reached out to Christian Sanchez, co-founder of Urban Vinyl headphones.

Due to an unexpectedly hectic work schedule on my part, this week—rather than writing Christian’s biography in the comfort of my own room with a nice cup of tea and my favorite playlist blasting from my stereo—I was forced to resort to doing rapid research while sitting at my computer at the public library where I work part-time.

Between phone-calls from patrons asking about the library’s upcoming walk-in day for passport applications, patrons checking materials in and out and asking to pay off any outstanding fines on their accounts, I was scouring the internet for any information on Christian Sanchez and his fabulous headphones whenever I had a spare moment.

After a very long six hour shift—which feels like an eternity when you’re trying to get something accomplished in your downtime and suddenly do you don’t have any downtime—I had a guest biography and 15 questions to be asked during Christian’s interview.

Cue triumphant music!

I immediately uploaded the documents to our shared Google Drive file and emailed Emily to let her know Christian’s information was taken care of.

Next, I had to get home and create the social media graphics that would be posted to our Instagram and Twitter pages to promote Christian’s interview. I raced home, said hello to my parents and barricaded myself in my room with Canva, and my “WORK” playlist, until I’d created some simple, but attractive, graphics announcing Christian’s participation in Music Industry Insiders.

Finally, Wednesday rolled around. I grabbed a coffee on the go—I needed the pick-me-up after my shift at the library—and headed to the studio. Upon my arrival, I saw everyone hard at work and thought to myself, Oh, please, don’t let there have been something I’ve forgotten about that has somehow messed up our work for today!

When I asked Emily what we were working on, she assured me that she was simply uploading the previous week’s podcast episode to our website (ahem, hem, you should really go check that out, ahem, hem—pardon me).

We had a live-stream of our fantastic intern Connor Hadden (of Azusa Pacific University) covering two Mykell Wilson songs to take care of before we could start our podcast prep—you should really check that out on our Facebook, by the way.

Once the live-stream was taken care of, however, chaos ensued!

Emily asked our wonderful intern Mel Gonzalez (of Cal Poly Pomona) to run the Allen & Heath ML5000 48-channel console for this week’s podcast episode, but Mel’s laptop refused to make friends with the soundboard—again!

Soon, 5:15 became 5:30 pm and we still couldn’t figure out what was causing the problem! We decided to try what every computer wiz will tell you to try: we turned the system off and on again. By the time it became apparent that, that wasn’t the solution, it was 5:45 pm. We had 15 minutes until Christian would be walking through the door.

Emily made the call that Julia’s laptop would be used, as it was the week before, and that Mel would work from there. We switched out the computers and quickly began recording Christian’s bio which would later be included in the introduction to the episode.

After a lot of rapid-fire sound-checking and making sure everything was working as it should, Christian arrived and Connor and Anthony rushed down to greet him and welcome him up to the studio. Let me just say this:

Christian Sanchez is possibly one of the humblest and sweetest people to ever work in the industry.

He came up and immediately said hello to everyone and wanted to know what everyone’s jobs were and what we were all learning by working with Emily. He talked to Mel about her ambitions to become an artist manager and offered to put her in touch with some of his friends and even brought some models of a new design that he’s been working on for his headphones to share with us.

After sitting with us and sharing some friendly banter, he and Emily made their way into the recording booth and tested out their headphones and microphones to make sure they both liked how they sounded, and that they could hear each other well.

Finally, Mel pressed record.

Emily and Christian discussed everything from Christian’s childhood interest in music, to his participation in APU’s Zuventure, to what the future looks like for Urban Vinyl Headphones. For the full details, check out the whole episode!

Once the interview was complete, Emily thanked Christian for joining us for the evening and asked if he would mind taking pictures with us. He agreed right away, insisting that everyone hold a pair of headphones and just have some fun with the pictures. We all gathered around Christian and modeled his magnificent headphones in a bunch of different ways, some of us wearing them, others holding them out towards the camera.

As the night was drawing to a close, Christian said his goodbyes and left us to finish up our work. Once again, we transferred the podcast to Connor’s laptop for him to edit this week. This time, however, we knew the best way to transfer everything with as little pain as possible. We were cleaned up and out the door by 8:00 pm.

This week just proved to me that nothing is ever set in stone. Schedules change, technology wigs out, people make last minute changes, and that’s what keeps working in a place like Idle Tuesdays so interesting. We never know what we’re going to get and it keeps us on our toes.

I can’t wait to see what next week’s podcast will bring us, what ups and downs, what challenges and what brand new lessons.

Posted on March 29, 2018 in Recording Studio

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