LIVE streaming: Sink or Swim

Livestream number two is done, people!

Phew! And boy was this one a doozey. Natalie Chan was brilliant in leading her students, Julia Antonio and Connor Hadden, in some vocal warmups, and both Julia and Hadden were great sports about trying something new; but I was a nervous wreck in the corner of the recording studio!

When Emily told me that I would be directing this week’s livestream once again, I thought to myself, Great! I’ve done this before, I should have a pretty firm grasp on what I’m doing, there shouldn’t be too many hickups!

What didn’t occur to me until we were about to go live was that I had no idea how to actually make sure we went live on Facebook! Connor had handled the actual broadcasting aspect the week before and I had not had a chance to observe what he had done. It wasn’t until I was sitting in my little nest of wires, computers and soundboards and saw Connor take his place beside Julia to begin his vocal lesson that I realized something:

I had no idea how to start broadcasting!

I quickly called Connor over and asked him what exactly I had to do in our software to broadcast; he explained that it was as simple as pressing “Stream” and selecting Idle Tuesdays’ Facebook as its destination. But, of course, nothing can be that simple when technology is involved. We had about five false starts due to different difficulties; first we couldn’t get the wifi to stay connected, then I forgot about having to select Idle Tuesdays’ Facebook for the broadcast, then our computer took a while to load the appropriate page…I saw my life flashing before my eyes, I was so nervous!

Once we finally got the broadcast up and running, I relaxed a little and settled into my corner to man the board. It wasn’t until Natalie was wrapping up her final vocal exercise of the night that I realized I had no idea how to stop broadcasting! Panic rushed through me and my mind was racing to figure out how I would get Connor’s help.

As Natalie was signing off, I was contemplating whether or not simply closing the laptop, forcing a shutdown or my fleeing the studio would be my only options; luckily I managed to let Connor know that I was lost yet again. He crawled under the camera to stay out of shot and came over to show me how to stop the livestream. Once we were off the air, I felt every muscle in my body relax and immediately began apologizing to Natalie for so many false starts and being unable to stop the stream.

So, what did I learn from this experience?

  1. Pay more attention to what I do and don’t know during our technical run-throughs so I don’t have to get help during the actual livestream!
  2. 2. I’m not sure why it didn’t occur to me that I wasn’t going to have Connor’s help this time around when I knew he was going to be participating in the tutorial, but now I know to keep a keener eye on exactly what will be different from one livestream to another.

I’ve always said that I learn best under pressure, and if nothing else, this experience just reminded me of how true that is! I’ll never forget how to broadcast now, nor will I forget to ask the important questions during rehearsals again.

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