Live Streaming…Idle Tuesdays Style

How to stream a live recording.

Broadcasting live can be rather complex. I liked doing my part in making Idle Tuesdays’ first Intern demo live stream. There were lots of different roles each Intern got to involve themselves.  Lets take a look at the basics for doing a live stream.

First: make sure you have a program that will allow you to stream.

The program we use is Game capture; we downloaded the program to all our computers because it is compatible with Mac and PC.  Then we discovered that the computers need to have an input for both HDMI and a sound input with is a reverse headphone jack.

Second: Connect your wires.

In our case, we needed to connect our soundboard to our computer with the said cables. We also had to connect the soundboard out to both our mics, wired and wireless. This was done after we had the cameras connected so we could check the image and then we did the sound check in the mics. The order for connecting video or audio is probably best so you can see what is happening that should be making sound.

Third: This is the part where someone does something so you can test and see if you’re going through.

Have someone preform. Prior to this you need to make sure that the live stream has both a media selected such as YouTube or Facebook. It needs to be streamed to something, so make sure the live stream button is highlighted. You can listen to the sound by plugging headphones into the soundboard. Visually, you should double check on the social media that you chose the live stream to go to. Now you can see what others are seeing in the live stream. Use this to adjust cameras or volume if necessary.

Finally don’t forget to keep communication with your camera man and performer so they know when there is a cut, and for longer recordings when they can switch batteries out. Oh and Don’t Forget, Have FUN!

Posted on February 8, 2018 in Recording Studio

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