Kolten James: Like Beyonce, He’s Always on Beat

Unforeseen Addition

Kolten first came to the studio when Caleb Henry came to audition for our 2017 Artist Program. Prior to the audition, I have known both of them from Azusa Pacific University.

We all performed in a cover band together, formerly called commercial styles. Kolten is also the drummer in DKA, a band both him and Caleb are featured. Seeing him tagging along with Caleb was no surprise to me. After the audition, Kolten asked if there were any spots left on the team. Emily Hibard, Idle Tuesdays’ Executive Producer, gave him the green light and five weeks later he’s a vital part of the team.

One thing you must know about Kolten is to pay attention to what he says and does.

Kolten is snapchat GOLD!

He’s probably one of funniest and down to earth guys I’ve worked with. He is either working around the studio singing in falsetto or cracking jokes with Mason Haynie, our recording engineer, at the sound board. His calm demeanor is only matched by his servant attitude. After all, he is a part of the dream team.

I’m not kidding when I say he can do it all.

Kolten is our social media engagement specialist, which means he spends his time interacting with our followers. When he’s not on his phone running social, he’s probably playing drums for the album. Yup you heard correctly, he will be featured on the album playing drums and doing percussion. Which makes sense because he’s an amazing drummer, but more importantly…

I have to give him credit because I’m pretty sure he brought the hot Doritos to our last recording session.

Needless to say I’m so happy he wanted to be a part of our team. Learn more about Kolten, checkout his blogs on idletuesdays.com and keep an eye out for our Video VLog coming out soon!

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