Internship With Too Little Time

Spring internship with Idle Tuesdays Recording Studio has begun!

Week one of spring internship could not have gone better. We have six brilliant minds that are raring to go and to start putting together some really fun projects!

I think this first meeting was very much about all of us seeing what the others are like, holding back some of our ideas until we know how everyone will receive them and tip-toeing around each other. As the evening went on, however, everyone started opening up a little more, sharing ideas, asking questions, making jokes with each other and letting our hair down; it was then that I could see exactly how well the internship is going to go.

With six musicians getting along as well as we all did, there will be too many ideas and too little time this spring.

While I was absent from the beginning of the meeting due to my work schedule, the second portion of the evening was spent brainstorming our tutorial series for YouTube and our upcoming Podcast interviews. With the wide range of skills and personalities that these interns are bringing to the table, I am sure that no two tutorials will be the same. We have musicians, teachers, directors, communication experts; these tutorials will be so well-rounded that we will be able to provide something for everyone in our audience to enjoy.

I am particularly looking forward to our videos on music arrangement, gear care and vocal warm-ups. As a singer and occasional lyricist, these tutorials will not only be fun to help create, but will teach me something I am positive I didn’t know before. I am especially excited to see the interns collaborate on different tutorials; standing in front of a camera on your own can be terrifying, I think asking the interns to work together to either demonstrate or teach techniques will allow everyone to feel more comfortable and let their personalities come forward.

So, with all the excitement to come in mind, I extend this invitation to everyone reading this blog: keep your eyes peeled for fantastic things from Idle Tuesdays Recording Studio this season. As I have already mentioned, we have some pretty awesome tutorials coming up; we are also planning an amazing Podcast series that will be featuring musicians, industry executives, etc.  As we make more plans we will share more and more about our projects with you, but this season will be awe inspiring; keep an ear open for us!

Get ready, World, we’re about to blow your mind!



Posted on January 26, 2018 in Music Blog, Recording Studio

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