Idle Interns: Start of Something New

Anything can happen when you take a Chance!

  Idle Tuesdays have, I’m sure, become no stranger to setting themselves apart.

The Impossible Burger of recording studios on the west coast. By being a non-profit recording studio, they have joined a class all their own.  This year’s  2017 Program Artist EP will be no different. Our team is looking to be innovative, crafty, and trendsetting. After our first meeting, it was clear to everyone in the room that we would not be following the status-quo. That whatever we create we would do it artistically with excellence.

Now here’s the kicker, how do we accomplish this with a humble team of three interns?

I think it lies with doing something that the Founder and Executive Director Emily Hibard said on our first day, which was “Do what you say you are going to do.” Being an intern comes with a set of expectations. You walk into the internship with a resume of skills learned through experiences or relevant coursework.  Everything else the minute you walk in, you agree to learn.

After meeting the team I can sense an intellectual curiosity, people ready to learn and to create. I’m ecstatic to share some of the things we have cooking. I hope you’re ready because we’re cooking with grease baby.


So I’ve signed on and I’m ready to learn. If you haven’t heard yet Monday the 29th will be our auditions for our 2017 Program Artist. We will be broadcasting it LIVE on our Facebook Page so if you haven’t Liked our page, Like it today so you can get our notifications.

We have a great team that I’m excited to work with, that I believe will make this year’s 2017 Program Artist a Standout.

PS. If you noticed the reference in the Title leave me a comment below.

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