Idle Tuesdays Recording Studio Internship Dawned

With me arriving first; I was determined to make a good first impression.

I got to talk with Emily Hibard for a few moments at the studio before the other interns arrived.  I got to see the basic layout and feel for the studio and really just fell in love with the whole design.

The soundproofing in the tracking room was so quite that I could not even here myself think it absorbed so much sound. When I saw the vocalist recording room I went off about how it reminded me about those wonderful videos that have great sound so you don’t get feedback when you play them on speakers.

I was like, I am so use to just good enough, I was expecting to let myself be around mediocer, but I think this is going to meet, exceed, and then blow my expectations out of the wind. The stuff started happening. People started to show up. A few ladies and another guy trickled in before we had our food break and then the real work started.

Kidding, but you wouldn’t know that by our faces. We looked troubled with all our heads pounding to think of what we wanted to provide to the world of music. The best ideas are the ones fully thought out, so naturally I would suggest an idea. It was not that the idea accepted by the team, but it stimulated conversation to bring a better idea to the table. I was the stimulus, who came with the least valuable idea, making everyone else fell more secure bringing their better ideas to the table. I’m glad I shared the things I did, I thought they were good ideas, just not great ones. I want the team to know that ya’ll are amazing! I am so pumped Huzza! 

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