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Before working at Idle Tuesdays, I had basically no previous experience recording anything professionally.

For the past few weeks, Idle Tuesdays has been recording a podcast called Music Industry Insiders. In this podcast, we interview people that are actively participating in the music industry to hear their stories.

I use Logic Pro on a regular basis to do music assignments for school. When I found out I’d be using it to record our podcasts, I thought I knew exactly what to do.

(Turns out, I had no idea).

Most of my experience with Logic Pro isn’t for recording. Needless to say, our first day trying to record was full of Google searches and desperate phone calls to our Audio Engineering friends. Even though the first day was a struggle, I am so thankful I am a part of this wonderful team of interns for this project. We support each other and always work it out.

The interns are also responsible for the other aspects of this podcast. We set up the interview room with microphones and headphones for our guests, and we hook them up to our Allen & Heath ML5000 console which will send the audio we record to our computers! From there, we save, edit and publish the podcast episode to digital platforms such as iTunes, Google Play Store, Stitcher, iheartradio, etc.

Each of us interns gets a different job every podcast, so we learn something new every week as our tasks and responsibilities change. It’s been such a cool learning experience, because we are exposed to so many different jobs around the studio. During this podcast, I was able to take everything I learned in class and apply it to this real-life situation.

Being hands-on definitely makes me work harder and eager to learn more than sitting in class does!

Look how big our console is! We get to run this every week 🙂

You can listen to our podcast on iTunes! Here are some photos from all of the interviews so far!

This is Christian Sanchez of Urban Vinyl with the interns!

Josh Ferrer, showing of this crazy trumpet skills! Check him out on his Instagram.

The interns with Ella, James, and Dillon, our youngest interviewees! Check them out on their Instagram if you want to see more.

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