Up To My Ears In Gears: Our Gear!

Gear day!!

This past month at idle Tuesdays the interns have been working hard to kickstart our new Facebook live video series! On Wednesday, we unpacked all the gear bins and did a run through of all the equipment we’ll be using, and what they are used for. The equipment well he using this spring consists of;

  • Cameras
  • Lights
  • AV mixers
  • Various different cables
  • And of course our computers.


The cameras are going be what we use to record all of our footage (duh). These (expensive looking) cameras are going to allow us to stream high-quality content to YOU, the viewers!

The camera images will be sent live to our AV mixer “Audio: Visual” mixer.

AV Mixer

The AV mixer allows us to receive audio and video feeds from our cameras and microphones, and mixes their signals into one single video file. This video file is then live streamed from the mixer to allow you guys to view what we’re doing at Idle Tuesdays in real time!

All of these files are then sent to our computers which is live streamed via our live streaming software!


All of our video and audio content is being transferred to our computers and mixers via a number of cables. From audio cables and videos cables, it’s important for us to maintain structure and organization so we can troubleshoot in real time if something goes wrong (and trust me, things have gone wrong).


Each of these tools (although some seem a little daunting) is going to allow us to deliver all of our content at Idle Tuesdays, straight into your home!

I find myself being most excited about the live portion of this streaming. Because everything is going to be filmed live, each of the interns is going to have to direct, film, and mix our content as it’s happening. We can’t wait to deliver this fresh content to you guys, and we hope you’re excited for some awesome tutorials and podcasts coming your way! 

Posted on February 28, 2018 in live stream, Music Blog, Podcasts, Recording Studio

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