Behind the Scenes, for once…

Finally behind the scenes, and I think I like it a lot better. 

The day consisted of tremendous amounts of information that I can say I’m not sure if I fully remember. Guess, I’ll find out next week when I have to set it up all over again. But I know it’ll become muscle memory to me in know time!

I’ve never really been good at explaining things well, especially when it comes to technology…it’s not really my forte.

Set up was pretty hectic since it was my first time running the camera, but it all came together because the camera actually isn’t as difficult as it looks. The start off set up began with fining the perfect lighting which basically a triangle formation. We had the talent in the middle then the two light stands.

Next we mounted the cameras, which should be handles very delicately.

One camera focus will be a close shot while the other will be a wider shot. These cameras are directly plugged into the sound/visual board. Thank god I know how to work a sound board because it was all that different. (Note to self : always make sure the board isn’t on black out!) We had the issue of not being able to see our visual on the laptop. Took us forever to realize we had the screen on black out. OOPS!


After getting the visual situated, we set up the mic for the main talent then to practice we also used the wireless to understand how that gets set up as well. After all the chords were in the right places we were finally ready to role.

But wait! I forgot to mention in order to do a live stream you need a certain plug in/ adapter.

Right now would be a great time to remember what exactly it was called. But at least I remember we need that to actually live stream. The only thing I didn’t like was that there was a lag time with when we recorded to what was actually on the other side of the viewers. But oh well, nothing is perfect right ?

By next week I’ll be a pro and hopefully remember the names of everything I need to know.

Week update! Soooo, next week came faster than expected.

But something came easier to mind than I expected. This week with only three of really handling the live streaming, I had to be on my toes and more uncharge of plugging things in along with being the host of being the talent on the live YouTube tutorial.

Tonight’s experience was pretty crazy. I was able to set up the live audio and sound board pretty well. Then also try to remember what the heck I was going to say in my video.

This was actually the first time I really made a video and it was exciting. Do I really care to be on camera? HECK NO! hahah But, it was a great experience.

My YouTube tutorial was about HOW TO WRAP CABLES PROPERLY. I hope it came to some use to some people. I mean, I know there are a whole bunch of videos to watch out there but if someone watches mine… that would be nice to know they found some use from it and also cool how they stumbled upon it. I’ll be low-key famous ! Just Kidding. 

And in preparing my video I watched some YouTube videos in order to really explain in  my video the pros and cons. Isn’t that funny how that works. I watched a video in order to prepare for my video.

But I’m doing both duties, behind the scenes and in front. Getting comfortable with these things will really give me skills to put under my belt.


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