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Whether you’re a natural performer, or you struggle to even speak in front of a class of ten friends, nerves can affect anyone.

Now, this isn’t going to be a How to Blog on calming nerves through advanced preparation or doing the Wonder Woman pose. It’s about maintaining a space the fosters creativity and hospitality. On Monday, my team and I had the privilege of hosting the 2017 Program Artist auditions. Everyone that was auditioning I had known through some circumstance, whether through school or some other association. Basically, these were friends of mine.

 In our pre-planning phase, the team discussed making the Idle Tuesdays studio on the day of the audition generate an atmosphere of confidence.

Our potential artists were asked to perform their original music. Putting themselves and their work on the line, becoming completely vulnerable. Now I’ve auditioned many times for ensembles, competitions, and musicals, but the times I’ve conducted auditions I can count on one hand. I knew first hand how nerve-racking it could be performing. Singing, for me, is my main form of expression, besides dance. It’s understandable why it’s important to have a place where an artist can have an arena to express themselves artistically and take risk.  So creating a comfortable atmosphere was something we set out to do.

 Day of the auditions, I was nervous for the artist. Luckily, our team with that goal in mind did just that!

Each artist came in and performed incredibly. Emily Hibard, the Founder of Idle Tuesdays Recording Studio, really has a vision for this program that I think in each interaction I have with her I get a better glimpse at. As a team, I believe we are hoping to meet that and expand it to new depths. Part of the vision is making Idle Tuesdays a place where musical expression thrives.

If you would like to see the auditions check out our Facebook Page, all of the auditions were live streamed! If you like one of the artists, feel free to follow them on social media to keep up with them, they are all definitely going places.

Trust me, I can see the stars all the way from here.

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