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Artist Application

Here it is!

Submit your application between MAY 1 – OCTOBER 31 to be considered as our 2015 Program Artist. Anybody can win!


You’re applying to get signed to Idle Tuesdays Recording Studio’s exclusive one-year nonprofit program and win:

Music Producer

Recording Engineer

30 hours of free studio time to record your 3 original songs

LIVE promotional webcasts during each recording session

Mixing services

Mastering services

CD manufacturing (ISRC codes included!)

Custom designed EP (barcode included!)

Hollywood Listening Party / EP Release Party

Social media services

Booking services

PR services

Artist support & Care services


Take some time, escape your social networks, unplug, and have fun! This is your opportunity to shine! Make sure you answer each question completely since we cannot accept incomplete questionnaires. After all applications have been reviewed by our Selection Committee, qualifying artists may be invited to perform their three songs at an audition at Idle Tuesdays Recording Studio. Updates will be posted via social media.

A great applicant leverages social media.

BEFORE APPLYING make sure you have a personal Facebook account, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter account, Instagram account, and YouTube Channel. The more content the better! This will help us make our decision. Program Artists signed to Idle Tuesdays Recording Studio should expect to spend 20-30 hours, per week, on music-related projects, gigs, shows, admin, etc. throughout the duration of the program.


Ready. Set. Go.

Do you have 3 original songs ready to record?

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Please upload a demo (5mb Limit)*

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Please upload your musical resume(2mb Limit - .pdf or .doc or .docx)*

1. What is your occupation?*

2. What inspired you to become involved in music?*

3. Describe what’s on your demo.*

4. Who and what are your main influences? Why?*

5. Describe your most significant musical achievement.*

6. What have you done, musically, during the last 12 months?*

7. What do you expect to receive from Idle Tuesdays Recording Studio?*

8. If you have released any music, please let us know where, when, and what it was.*

9. What musical titles best describe you?*

10. Describe the volunteer work / community service you are currently involved in.*

11. Where did you receive your musical education or comparable experiences?*

12. How do you want your music to benefit others?*

13. What was your most significant experience of the last 4 months?*

14. Tell us five interesting facts about yourself.*

15. How did you find out about Idle Tuesdays Recording Studio?*

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