Idle Tuesdays Recording Studio

Idle Tuesdays Recording Studio is managed by volunteers and funded by donations.

We accept applications from artists living in the Los Angeles area and, each year, select one "Program Artist" to participate in our nonprofit music program where we pair them with our music producers, recording engineers, and mix engineers to record their three original songs.

We conclude the program by hosting a Hollywood Listening Party / EP release party. All services are provided at no charge and the artist maintains ownership of their work.


  • Idle Tuesdays Recording Studio is a nonprofit organization.

    The studio is managed by volunteers and funded by donations. This is the only nonprofit music program of its kind.


Artist Care


Artist Care

Each Program Artist is provided with unique support services and care services throughout their participation in our music program.

Board Member Dennis Lamar, a performer in his own right, and author of 31 Thoughts to Inspire Your Art, assists Program Artists as they navigate the inevitable ups, downs, and twists that artists experience while recording.



Record, Mix, Master


Record, Mix, Master

Program Artists actively participate in the pre-production process by meeting with our volunteers, music producers, recording engineers, musicians (provided by the Program Artist), music arranger, vocal coach, etc. Timelines, schedules, and plans are then created.

Thirty hours of studio time are provided to record their three original songs. To produce the best product, we recommend artists have their vocal coach with them in the studio. After the three songs have been recorded, we mix and master each one and include them on the 3-song EP.


Los Angeles Music Tour


Los Angeles Music Tour

After we sign our Program Artist, we start booking performances at Los Angeles events, community outreaches, after school music programs, charity galas, interviews, etc.

These local performances and interviews help the artist gain the confidence needed at the Listening Party / EP release and throughout their music career.



Listening Party / EP Release


Listening Party / EP Release

We celebrate the Program Artist’s many accomplishments, long hours in the studio, hard work and dedication by hosting a Listening Party / EP release.

After the 3 original songs are mastered, we design and manufacture an EP – providing each artist with three unique ISRC codes and a barcode, allowing them to upload and sell their music on platforms such as iTunes, CDbaby.com, Amazon, Pandora, etc.


Each year, we sign one "Program Artist" to participate in our nonprofit music program. We pair them with our music producers, recording engineers, mix engineers, book shows, and then host a Listening Party / EP release party. All services are provided at no charge.

  • Megan Tibbits

    We recently announced our new 2015 Program Artist! Stay tuned!

    2015 Program Artist
  • Ryann Lecklider

    In 2014, we signed singer/songwriter Ryann Lecklider and released The Detours EP at Hemingway's Lounge.

    Album Cover
  • Amy Krebs

    In 2013, we signed our flagship recording artist and released the self-titled EP at Hotel Cafe.

    Album Cover

Idle Tuesdays Recording Studio was founded by Emily Hibard in 2012 and operates under the supervision of musicians, actors, singers, songwriters, and entrepreneurs who serve on the Board of Directors.


Matt Barnes

CEO, Rogue Idea Development

Brenda Epperson

Actress, Singer/Songwriter, Host

Dennis Lamar

Singer, vocal coach, Lamar Vocal Studio

Joshua Chavez

Singer/songwriter, speaker

Founder Emily Hibard

Executive Director, Hibard Talent Management

Nonprofit Services

Artist Care

Record, Mix, Master

Los Angeles Music Tour

Listening Party / EP Release


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