Idle Tuesdays Recording Studio is a nonprofit organization founded by Emily Hibard, governed by a Board of Directors, and managed by a team of volunteers.

  • emily_hibard_709x768

    Emily Hibard

    Founder / Executive Director

  • matt_barnes_709x768

    Matthew Barnes

    Chairman of the Board

  • dennis_lamar_709x768

    Dennis Lamar

    Board Member

  • brenda_epperson_709x768

    Brenda Epperson

    Board Member

  • henry_alonzo_709x768

    Henry Alonzo

    Board Member

  • matt_bang_709x768

    Matt Bang

    Producer / Sound Engineer

  • mat_fretschel_team_709x768

    Mat Fretschel / Photography

  • davide_fant_709x768

    Davide Fant / Mix Engineer

  • nicolas_blomberg_709x768

    Nicolas Blomberg / Mix Engineer

  • megan_tibbits_709x768

    Megan Tibbits

    2015 Program Artist

  • ryann_lecklider_709x768

    Ryann Lecklider

    2014 Program Artist

  • amy_krebs_709x768

    Amy Krebs

    Flagship Program Artist

  • josh_albillo_709x768

    Josh Albillo


  • marvin_winans_jr_709x768

    Marvin Winans, Jr.


  • giddens_rateau_HOB_709x768

    Giddens Rateau


  • michelle_lutz_709x768

    Michelle Lutz


  • marielle_jaffe_709x768

    Marielle Jaffe


  • richard_bravo_709x768

    Richard Bravo


  • sarah_butler_team_709x768

    Sarah Butler

    Graphic Designer

  • chris_dicola_709x768

    Chris DiCola


  • malik_murray_709x768

    Malik Murray


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May 3

Location: 5050 Vineland Avenue, North Hollywood, CA 91601

Time: 7 PM

DRIVE is a monthly gathering for LA artists and is hosted by Dennis Lamar and Josh Albillo. Check out this photo gallery from our first DRIVE event. 


RSVP here!


Apply to be our 2016 Program Artist!

Application deadline: May 5, 2016


Funded by donations, each year we record a 3 song EP, design custom album art and host an album release party for each “Program Artist.” In addition to our pro bono music production services, Program Artists are mentored by our team of music professionals who help them understand the business side of music, register with performing rights organizations, better understand royalties and help monetize their music.




The Idle Tuesdays Ambassador Program serves other nonprofits through music.

Idle Tuesdays Ambassadors are by nomination only and consist of singers, entertainers, parents, musicians, actors, speakers and celebrities.


Our goal at Idle Tuesdays Recording Studio is simple: to influence culture through positive music. We’re launching the Ambassador Program this year to provide our community partners with the gift of music.


Each nonprofit partner is unique and we tailor our Ambassador Program to fit the needs, demographics and population of each organization.



Stay tuned to everything that's happening at Idle Tuesdays Recording Studio!

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Need a place to rehearse? shoot? record? Rent our studio and support our nonprofit music programs at the same time.

  • Rehearsal Space

    per hour

    View Floor Plan

    1,000 sq. ft.

    Open floor plan

    Tracking room access


    B-52 ATX-100 100W tube guitar amp head with Marshall 1960A 4×12″ 300W angled extension

    Crate GTX212 amp

    Gallien-Krueger Backline 110 amp

    2 hour minimum

  • Video & Photo Shoots

    per hour

    View Floor Plan

    Dedicated space


    1,000 sq. ft.

    air conditioned

    black acoustic drop ceiling

    recessed lighting

    decor available for staging

    2 hour minimum

  • Recording

    per hour

    Engineer included

    Vocal booth

    Tracking room

    Neumann TLM 103

    Shure SM57s (3)

    Audix DP7 drum mic pack

    Pro Tools Digidesign Rack 003

    Avalon VT-737SP preamp

    M-Audio Profire 2626 interface

    Aviom 16-D (A-Net distributor)

    Aviom AN-16/i-M (input/output module)

    M-Audio ProKeys 88

    4 hour minimum

  • Camera

    per day

    Canon 5D Mark II

    Canon EF 24 – 70 mm lens

    32GB memory card

    1 battery

    1 battery charger

    In-studio use only





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5200 Industry Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90660



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“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”
- John F. Kennedy

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